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Velicity's Story: In Honor of Mom

"What you are going through does not define you." An honest and moving perspective from one of our Maker's Place moms.

Velicity's Story: In Honor of Mom

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! We’re honoring mothers in our community by highlighting their stories. We’re also inviting you to support the moms we work with through our diaper bank—moms like Velicity!

Velicity, one of our Maker’s Place moms, was so inspired by the stories of others that she offered to share her own. It’s an honest and moving perspective of what life is like for single moms and those who experience domestic violence. Callie and I recognized how important it was for Velicity to share her life in her own words. As you’ll hear, motherhood (like Mother’s Day!) is sometimes complicated. Make sure you look for her resilience and strength, and the influential role that others, like her grandmother, have played in shaping a joyful and hope-filled future. Here’s what she writes:

"Hello, my name is Velicity. I am from Trenton, NJ and have been a part of the Diaper Depot from the time I found out I was expecting my first and only child. In the beginning, I felt alone and afraid, asking myself, Am I cut out for this? Am I ready? With the discouragement from family, friends, and my child’s father, I scheduled to have an abortion to end the confusion. I remembered I had an appointment set for it, but by God’s grace I slept through all three alarms. At that moment I realized that I was chosen to become a mom.
"With my decision to keep my child, I felt really alone. Shortly after becoming a pregnant mom, I became a victim of domestic violence. As a result, my child was born two months early. At that point my self-esteem lowered. I struggled to maintain happiness. I struggled a lot throughout my pregnancy and during this pandemic. I prayed on it and decided to start reaching out to others, and give the person a second chance. I was raised by the strongest woman I know, my grandmother, and she was such an inspiration to me. Two months later, my child and I became victims again. But I wouldn’t give up. I regained my independence and strength a second time, because I had something worth fighting and living for: my child, who I vowed to love unconditionally, protect, and raise to be the best version of themselves they can ever be.
"I say this to say, to all the mothers on Mother’s Day… Whatever it is you went through or are going through, it does not define you. You were selected to be a mother, which I define as a selfless being. Keep up the great work. Because I see you, I hear you, and I feel you."

You know, Velicity wanted to share her story to encourage other moms who find themselves in situations of domestic violence. She’s been able to receive help and guidance as she heals from trauma, and we give thanks to God for that! We also can affirm that not every woman makes all the same choices as Velicity about pregnancy. Velicity is absolutely right: what we go through in life does not define us. What defines us, I would add, is the fact that each and every one of us is a beloved child of God.

This is the last week of our “In Honor of Mom” campaign. If you’ve been moved by the stories of moms we work with, consider donating to support our work—more on that below.

Thanks from Pastor Michael and the Maker's Place team

Velicity donates to other families through our Diaper Depot! Yesterday, when she came to pick up diapers, she dropped off baby clothes. She's also give forward a baby swing, and other items her child no longer needs. That's what the mission of the Maker's Place is all about: neighbors helping neighbors, so that all God's children can experience life in abundant community.

I hope you'll give like Velicity does. If you're able, please consider giving financially. Donate to our "In Honor of Mom" fundraiser by clicking the big button above. You'll help us get diapers, wipes, and other essentials to a struggling mom. And if you designate your contribution in honor of a special mom in your own life, we'll send her a message on Mother's Day. Click above, or go to for more. There's only five days left!


For Churches: Love Offering

Invite your congregation to celebrate Mother's Day with the Maker's Place by taking a special offering on May 9th for moms in Trenton. We'll have a video to play during your Sunday worship service, with a prayer for mothers by one of our Maker's Place moms. To learn more, click here.

Maker's Place Receives Grant!

The Maker's Place has received a $2,500 grant from the National Diaper Bank Network! The grant covers all costs for our "In Honor of Mom" campaign, and allow us to place advertisements in local media outlets. Thanks NDBN!

We're Almost to $25,000!

So many of you have already donated. THANK YOU! We're raised our goal to $25,000, and there's only $2,300 left to go! The money we're raising will help us buy diapers and keep our diaper bank operational. See our progress here.

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