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Mother's Day with the Maker's Place

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Invite your church to take a love offering on May 9, and pray alongside moms in Trenton

The Maker's Place is supported by dozens of churches across New Jersey and beyond. That's because churches are always looking for ways to translate faith into action—ways to live out our call to be “one in ministry to all the world,” as we United Methodists like to say, with compassion, justice, and love.

This Mother's Day, we have a special Mother’s Day opportunity just for churches. It's a way to honor mothers in your congregation, and help struggling moms right here in New Jersey.

At the Maker’s Place, we’re building a United Methodist Hope Center and diaper bank from the ground up. Last year, over a thousand mothers, grandmothers, and caregivers requested diapers from us, because they were struggling to afford essential items for the children in their families. We were able to help, thanks to the support of dozens of congregations across New Jersey.

This Mother’s Day, May 9th, I invite you to join us, by collecting a special offering—a ‘love offering’—during your Sunday service for moms in Trenton. The money you collect will support the moms we work with, and keep our hope center going strong. No parent should have to choose between their child’s health and their family’s bottom line, especially around Mother’s Day. Your congregation can help us make a change!

We’ve creating a video that your congregation can use as part of your Mother's Day service. This brief video will share about our ministry, and include a prayer Callie Crowder, our Maker's Place Assistant Director and local Trentonian. Your congregation can pray alongside our families in Trenton, and share the love of Christ in tangible ways to moms and families. The video is below.

To view and download an MP4 version of the video, please click here:

I’d love to tell you more about "Mother’s Day with the Maker’s Place." Have a question? Please call us at (609) 751-9128, or email If you’re already on board, and would like to send a contribution, please write to "The Maker's Place" at P.O. Box 54, Trenton NJ 08601. Individuals can also give through our website, at

Thanks for thinking of us as a partner in your church's ministry, and please continue to pray for us. I'm continually amazed by the generosity of churches across NJ and beyond, both in spirit and in action. God bless you, and we'll talk to you soon,

Rev. Michael Reed

Pastor and Director for the Maker's Place


Please note: an earlier plan for our Mother's Day video was to include a prayer from a Trenton mom. We had to make alternate arrangements, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Thanks to Iglesia Metodista Unida Wesley in Trenton, NJ for allowing us to film in their church building!

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