You've been TP'd by The Maker's Place!

What's this mean?

You've received a TP roll in the mail from us inviting you to support The Maker's Place and make a change for families and children in Trenton, NJ.

Why a TP roll?

An empty toilet paper roll is the closest representation for what it feels like to experience diaper need. 1 in 3 families in the United States do not have enough diapers for their children. The average family is short 50 diapers a month, and so, they rely on diaper banks, like us, to fill the gap.

How can I help?

Share the TP roll as your church takes a communion offering, or your organization collects a donation. Plan to participate in our December Diaper Drive, and set a goal to achieve!

You can register your December Diaper Drive today!

Click below and complete the form to submit your drive. Set a goal, then share with your social networks!

Use our toolkits to help you plan for success and work your diaper magic!

Take a picture of your TP roll, tag us on social media, and use #EndDiaperNeed
Haven't been TP'd yet?

Send us an email with your church or organizations name, pastor or supervisor's name, and address!