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Lidia's Story: In Honor of Mom

Last week, Lidia donated extra food for other families with children

“One of the hardest things about COVID-19,” Lidia told me, “Is being alone.” It’s especially tough being a mom, she says. “We don’t always have someone to talk to, or to help us. The work falls on us.”

I’ve known Lidia for several years now. She’s bright and energetic, with two bouncing girls, and another on the way. Her youngest daughter is a year older than mine. “She’s like a little teenager, and only two-and-a-half!” Lidia laughs and shakes her head. She tells me that more than anyone, she looks up to her own mom, a single mother of six, who worked long hours to keep the family together. “She’s so strong. I want to be just like her!”

This spring, the Maker’s Place is hosting a special Mother’s Day fundraiser. I imagine that like Lidia, you’ve got a special mother in your life--someone who has made a difference to you, or to the lives around you. And if you know anything at all about the Maker’s Place, you know that we work with thousands of inspirational moms, just like Lidia. So this Mother’s Day, we’re inviting you to make a donation to our growing diaper bank, in honor of a mom in your life. We’ll send a special letter of recognition in time for Mother’s Day. Your honoree will be making a change for struggling moms in our community.

Lidia’s already part of how we’re making a difference for Trenton-area families. When friends or neighbors are stuck at home or busy at work, she delivers their diapers, picked up from our Maker’s Place Diaper Depot. “Diapers are so expensive,” Lidia told me recently. “People really need the help.” More than that, Lidia knows that connection and community are every bit as important as material things like diapers. She misses being able to gather with other Maker’s Place families in person, “I used to go every time they were open, I love it!” she said.

Lidia’s story is part of the bigger story we have to tell about abundant community, and why we’re raising funds this Mother’s Day. In the last year, we’ve given away over 115,000 diapers, as well as wipes, baby clothes, and other items to over 2000 children. We’ve started a new formula bank program, and are getting our supplies into the hands of community doulas and health workers, to support child and maternal health, and to fight infant mortality. And we’re building the foundation for a family resource center—a place that will help beyond diapers, with childhood literacy, parenting support groups, and more—make a difference for generations to come. A place where families can connect, share, learn, and grow as a community.

So this Mother’s Day, make a donation in honor of mom. Your gift will not only honor your own loved one, but make a lasting difference for families struggling to make ends meet. No mother should have to go through life alone, even at the worst of times. Click the button below to donate now.

I asked Lidia what her children do for her on Mother’s Day. “Oh, you know, we have a nice meal, and take pictures. But they give me smiles and kisses. That’s what I love; that makes it worth it.” Thanks for partnering with us and with Lidia. Talk to you soon! —Rev. Michael Reed, Director for the Maker's Place.


For Churches: Love Offering

Invite your congregation to celebrate Mother's Day with the Maker's Place by taking a special offering on May 9th for moms in Trenton. We'll have a video to play during your Sunday worship service, with a prayer for mothers by one of our Maker's Place moms. To learn more, click here.

Get Social: Share a Picture

Share some love and spread the word! Post a picture of the mom you're honoring on Facebook or Instagram, and share why you chose to donate. (Please tag us at @makersplacetrenton if you can!) You'll shine a light, and help us reach more people. Extra points for baby pics!

Read All About It!

You can invite your church or community group to join in! We've created a few flyers and pictures that can help you tell them all our Mother's Day fundraiser. Click here! Need something specific? Reply to this email and let us know.

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