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A Behind the Scenes Look at The Maker's Place

The Maker’s Place would not operate so smoothly and efficiently without our dedicated Lori! While she is an active member of Princeton United Methodist Church and a retired school teacher, Lori is also a Board Member and active volunteer at The Maker’s Place. Many of you have probably spoken with Lori on more than one occasion. Maybe you forgot to fill out what size diaper your little one needs, or maybe you needed to change your appointment. And so, Lori is often calling (or texting) and connecting with families to see how we can best assist them.

Never fear because Lori is here!

Not only does Lori play a significant role in the behind-the-scenes operations of The Maker’s Place, but she is also a constant and faithful figure at our Thursday distributions, previously at Columbus Park (aka Unity Square) and now at Sam Naples Community Center. Lori is a comforting presence to me and so many of the families. In fact, some families will stop by just to chat with her! But Lori doesn’t do it for the fame or the glory. No, she does it out of the goodness of her heart and because she believes in the work of connecting neighbor with neighbor, so that all may live in abundant community together!

We are so grateful for Lori, and all of our volunteers who help us be makers of better lives and make a change for families and little ones in Trenton!

And so, never fear because Lori is here!

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