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Sun, Sand, and Diapers!

A summer like no other here at the Maker's Place!

As summer is wrapping up, Callie and I wanted to provide a brief update on all that has been happening here at the Maker’s Place! Here at the Maker’s Place, we have certainly been busy! So far this summer (from May – July), we have distributed 55,465 diapers! We have distributed a remarkable 123,835 diapers so far in 2021 through our distribution sites, our partners, and other various community events. Friends, that’s a lot of diapers!

We also want to take a moment to acknowledge that August is National Breastfeeding Month, and August 1 – 7 was World Breastfeeding Week. The most important thing we want you all to know, while your news feeds are full of mom’s expressing gratitude for the gift of breastfeeding, is that being, informed, supported, and empowered is best. Whatever that looks like for you and your little one(s). We recognize that not everyone is able to breast feed their newborn. We believe that every mama should be respected for her choices and/or abilities to feed her baby.

So, whether you were providing breastmilk for 3 days, 3 months, or 3 years • Feeding at the breast or pump and bottle feed • Nursing 1 baby or 2 babies • Nursing/pumping after pregnancy or infant loss • Exclusively breastfeeding or combo feeding.

They are valid and important! We acknowledge that you made an informed decision for you and your little one(s), we support you in this decision, and empower you throughout this journey. We send love to the mama who wanted to breastfeed, but was not able to; to the mama who had low milk supply; to the mama who couldn't breastfeed for medical reasons; to the mama who needed to protect her mental health; to the mama who had to face judgement for not breastfeeding; to the mama who experienced guilt related to baby feeding.

This month (and every month) we celebrate YOU! Mamas need support in every step of their journey. It takes a village to care for little ones, mama, and we got them covered!

Looking ahead, there is still more to come this summer! Callie, Co-Director of the Maker's Place, will be hosting a "You First" series for mamas focused on wellbeing. If you would like more information, email Callie at calliecrowder[at]! Our partners and friends over at Children*s Futures will be hosting another Diaper Explosion event next Saturday, August 21. We were able to share our diapers with them, so they will have 30 – 50 bundles of size 1 – 7 diapers for this community event. The Trenton Board of Education’s Back to School Extravaganza is happening on Friday, August 27! Our friends from St. Mark’s UMC in Hamilton Township are partnering with us to donate backpacks and school supplies to the Trenton Public Schools at this event. We will also be tabling to help new families register and join the waitlist to receive diapers through us. Feel free to share these upcoming events with your friends and family!

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