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Should We Talk About Abundance During a Pandemic?

[Originally published 5/22/2020]

The Maker's Place partners with the Trenton Housing Authority

Not long ago, Lucia, one of our most regular Diaper Depot members missed her pick-up appointment. This was so out of the ordinary that I sent her a message, to find out more. It turns out that her husband was in the hospital with COVID-19, and she herself was home sick with the virus, while caring for their children. Quickly, calls went out, and people mobilized. We did what we could to help Lucia and her family.

All around us, we hear stories like that: stories of loss of income, social isolation, and the ravages of a deadly disease. It makes me wonder: is now the right time to talk about abundance?

There’s a phrase we use a lot at the Maker’s Place: “Abundant Community.” It’s part of our larger, faith-filled insistence that we live inside a divine economy of abundance.

There’s no denying the reality of our human condition. It would be foolish--and indeed, evil--to proclaim the kind of false abundance that promises individual gain or protection against all personal harm. But there is a life together that God intends for all God’s children. It’s the kind of true abundance that comes from community and is for community. As a Christian, I hear it in the stories of Scripture and see it in everyday life, whenever people decide together to do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God.

At the Maker’s Place, we’re telling our part of that story with Trenton’s families, through things as simple as diapers. Not long ago, Callie Crowder, our Assistant Director, connected with an old friend from high school, who now works for the Trenton Housing Authority (THA). As a result, we’re now partnering with the THA to deliver diapers to families in THA residences. Many new families are receiving help from the Maker’s Place.

This past week, we made a mistake--a communication error--with one of our partners. Instead of letting families down, Tamika Hall, one of the staff members of Children’s Futures, personally delivered items to families’ doorsteps. That’s another picture of what an abundant community looks like.

And of course, abundant community looks like you! We’ve distributed over 20,000 diapers in the past two months, and yet it seems to me that the more we give out, the more the generosity comes back in. Many of you have supported our “Call to Generosity” campaign. With only one week left to go, we’ve raised $8,906 in gifts and pledges. Thank you!

I really believe in our work together. If you’d like to help us reach $10,000 by the end of this campaign, we’d be deeply grateful. You can give by clicking the button below. 

Many of you have been praying for our families, including Lucia, the woman whose husband is in the hospital. She told me yesterday that the doctors are seeing signs of improvement, and that she’s feeling stronger too. Sharing your prayers, your gifts, and your witness makes all the difference. Your presence is felt, near and far, as we serve all God’s children together!

Keep on being the abundant community, and all the best,

Pastor Michael

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