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Requesting: Size 6 Diapers!

If you're collecting or donating diapers for our December Diaper Drive, we have a special request: Size 6 diapers! They're our most asked-for and least donated size.

Check out the handy graph below. It visualizes the requests we get from families in our Trenton-area community.

As you can see, as the diaper size goes up, the number of requests goes up too!

I've learned first-hand why that is. My own daughter is 11 months old, and she's already in size 5 diapers. Babies grow quickly during the first few months of their lives, which means they fly through those first few sizes. As they get older, the rate of growth goes down, and they stay in sizes 5 and 6 a lot longer, before moving into pullups (yes, we also love receiving pullups!).

Of course, we're grateful for donations of every size, as well as baby wipes and other hygiene essentials. And if you're raising money to help us purchase diapers, we'll use your financial donations to purchase--you guessed it--size 6 diapers!

If you're interested in joining our December Diaper Drive, or fundraising with us on GoFundMe, click here to learn more.

We're so grateful for so many churches, workplaces, and other groups that are partnering with us at such a critical time. I've been amazed at the number of people pitching in to help their neighbors, near or far. Your generosity is the reason we're able to help hundreds of families each month with diapers and other baby essentials.

Pastor Michael and the Maker's Place Team

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christine baez
christine baez
26 jan. 2021

Thank u as a grandmother to be able to help with the burden of prices of diapers I receive diapers am very grateful I was just wondering do u also do pullup diapers for toddlers thank u again a grateful grandma

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