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Here's How Much We Raised!

The results are in from our "In Honor of Mom" Spring Fundraiser!

The results are in! The Maker's place just wrapped up our Mother's Day fundraiser. So many of you gave generously. Thank you! Initially, I had set a goal of raising $15,000 by May 9th. It turns out I had set the bar too low. As of this afternoon, we've raised an astonishing $28,545.20. We expect to pass $30,000, once donations from churches come in. More than 70 people donated. The most common gift was $50. Again, thank you!

We know that relationships, not money, are life's key resource. Still, the money we raised this past month is incredibly important. With these funds, we'll be able to maintain and expand our programs, connect with new people, and of course, provide diapers for families struggling to get by. Amazing!

For me, one of the joys of this campaign was reading and sending along the stories of amazing mothers.Callie and I interviewed moms from our Maker's Place community, and we were continually impressed by the courage, sacrifice, love, and dedication of these remarkable women. If you haven't yet, go back and read their stories here.

I also was the one who sent out all of the "In Honor Of" letters and emails. Many of you made a donation in honor or memory of someone else, and I had the chance to take a small peak into the Mother's Day tributes you wrote. Your words of blessing, encouragement, and love had a big impact on me, even as I passed the message along to others. Mothers and caregivers have legacies that last lifetimes.

I firmly believe that the more generous we become, the more we find ourselves on the receiving end of generosity and joy. Certainly that's true for the Maker's Place: the more diapers and wipes our diaper bank gives away, the more we seem to get back. We're now at 14,000 diapers a month, and yet God—working through the hands of many—continues to provide for all our needs, so that we can be a resource for others. My prayer is that that would be true for you as well, and that your generosity to us would be returned to you many times over.

Hit 'reply' to this email and let me know if there's something about the Maker's Place that's had an impact on you, or if there's a mom that has left a legacy in your life. I always love hearing from you.

All the best, and God bless,

Rev. Michael Reed

Executive Director of the Maker's Place

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