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Diaper Privilege: In Honor of Mom

Here's the moment one of our donors realized she had diaper privilege, and what she's doing about it.

Not long ago, I asked some of our Maker's Place supporters an odd question: Why in the world do you donate? Of all the ways to use your money, what motivates you to support the work we do?

Connie Palmer answered my question with two simple words: "Diaper Privilege."

Not only that, Connie went above and beyond, writing about her experiences as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I'd like you to read what she wrote. She talks about the first time she realized the importance of diapers, and why she's joining our "In Honor of Mom" campaign. Here's what Connie writes:

"I remember celebrating when my children, now 26 and 24, were finally no longer using diapers! Looking back at that time, I also realize the unearned advantage I had to be able to afford the approximately $800 a year that it cost for each of my kids to have a regular supply of diapers. I never had to think about diapers. I had diaper privilege! "While all moms will celebrate the end of diapers, many struggle to afford them especially during the pandemic when so many are out of work. During these hard times, we think about people’s need for food, but many of us don’t think about the need for diapers. And diapers, like food are a NECESSITY! "In my first years as a social worker, I recall my supervisor telling me that I had to report a parent to DYFS (now called DCP and P) because their infant had an ongoing and severe case of diaper rash. I learned that the reason for the rash was that the parents were unemployed and understandably used diapers sparingly because of their limited income. The problem wasn’t their lack of care for their child, but a lack of money. That’s why when I learned about how the Maker’s Place provides diapers for families just like that one from so many years ago, I immediately made a contribution. "Every mom should have a regular supply of clean diapers for their baby. If you have ever had the pleasure of snuggling a sweet smelling, freshly changed baby in your arms, join me in making a donation to the Maker’s Place this Mother’s Day." — Connie Palmer, LCSW

Connie Palmer is a licensed clinical social worker, provides grief education workshops for Imagine, a Center for Coping with Loss, and is the owner of Therapeutic Learning Connections, LLC. She is a member, Certified Lay Servant and the co-chair of the Social Justice committee at the First United Methodist Church in Westfield.

This Mother’s Day, we’re inviting you to join Connie, donating to help us support the hundreds of mothers we work with through our diaper bank and family resource center. As part of our "In Honor of Mom" campaign, you can give in honor of a mom in your life, and we'll send a message to your honoree in time for Mother's Day, letting her know that you've made a contribution in her name. Help us reach our goal of $15,000 by May 9th. We're 80% of the way there, with less than two weeks left!

Would you consider becoming part of our network of support? Click the big button above to donate now. Thanks for being part of our abundant community!

Pastor Michael and the Maker's Place Team


For Churches: Love Offering

Invite your congregation to celebrate Mother's Day with the Maker's Place by taking a special offering on May 9th for moms in Trenton. We'll have a video to play during your Sunday worship service, with a prayer for mothers by one of our Maker's Place moms. To learn more, click here.

Maker's Place Receives Grant!

The Maker's Place has received a $2,500 grant from the National Diaper Bank Network! The grant covers all costs for our "In Honor of Mom" campaign, and allow us to place advertisements in local media outlets. Thanks NDBN!

Read All About It!

You can invite your church or community group to join in! We've created a few flyers and pictures that can help you tell them all our Mother's Day fundraiser. Click here! Need something specific? Reply to this email and let us know

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