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What is it?

This Mother’s Day, we're inviting you to join a special Mother’s Day project: a way to honor the moms in your life, your congregation, and your community, and help struggling moms right here in New Jersey. 

Why should I be involved?

Mother’s Day is right around the corner – May 12th. Here at The Maker’s Place, we’ve come to realize something: nobody works as hard as a mom and the community of moms we connect with really depend on our programs.  We are honored to be a part of their stories.  Last year, over 1,500 moms and caregivers requested diapers from us because they were struggling to afford essential items, like diapers, for their little ones. We distributed 302,000 diapers to 1 in 3 children in Trenton--that's over 25,000 diapers each month! 


Our budding neighborhood resource center is blooming...We provided 300 new early childhood books to build home libraries through our Above & Beyond Literacy program. We launched a successful parent support program, focused on mental health through our YOUFirst Motherhood Community so moms can care for themselves too.  If mom is okay, then her family is okay because again, nobody works as hard as mom.


WE NEED YOUR HELP and we were able to help because of the radical generosity of people like you!

How can I help?

Please consider what you can give and give as generously as you can.  You can donate online or write to "The Maker's Place" at P.O. Box 54, Trenton NJ 08601.

Make a donation, and we’ll publish the name of your honoree on our website, letting them know that essential items and support services have been donated to a Trenton-area mom in their honor!

You can also host a Mother's Day Diaper Drive today!

Click below and complete the form to register your drive. Set a goal, then share with your social networks!

Use our toolkits to help you plan for success and work your diaper magic!

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