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Our Corporate Partners are Changing Lives and Communities

Your organization's support of the Makersplace enables the creation of a family resource center that exists to connect neighbors with neighbors, so that every family can experience life in abundant community.


Our Purpose

We envision a community where every baby has adequate diapers; every child reaches their first birthday; every parent is connected to a network of mutual support; and every person is a maker in their own life and community.    

Corporations and organizations can support our mission by donating diapers, or volunteering to pack or distribute diapers

Supporting the Makersplace as a Corporate donor is easy, and 100% of your support goes directly to our mission: connecting those in need of diapers with diapers and other resources.  

Organize a Diaper Drive

A Corporate Diaper Drive allows members of your team to have the most direct impact: collecting diaper donations and giving these donation directly to Makersplace.  We provide resources that help you promote and advertise the diaper drive, and we provide you with the size of diapers most needed. When the drive is over, you can drop them off at one of our diaper depots. These diapers are then packed and distributed to members of the community.

Fundraising for Makers' Place

Instead of a diaper drive, corporations can financially support the Makers' Place by purchasing diapers online and sending them to our diaper depot, or by sending us a financial gift! 

Buy Diapers Online and Other Financial Gifts

You can shop for diapers online, and ship them to us directly.


Just make sure to send us an email after you place your order, so we know who to thank! Deliver online orders to:

The Maker's Place c/o Trinity UMC

1985 Pennington Rd

Ewing Township, NJ 08618

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